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The Swedish Governments New Dietary Recommendations...

DOCSPEAK # 2 :  October 14, 2015


Introducing the Bases for a Low Carbohydrate Whole/Full Fat Diet


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Despite USDA/USAgov./Amer.HeartAss./FDA’s national nutritional recommendations for the “supposed prevention of diseases” over the last 60 years, the incidence of obesity now even in adolescents, adult onset diabetes, and cardiovascular disease have all reached epidemic proportions. The scientific bases for these observations falls squarely on the shoulders of carbohydrates, processed foods loaded with high molecular weight fructose, trans fats, and other unhealthy manufactured seed oils high in inflammatory omega 6 molecules. The further association of carbohydrate load to cancer and even dementia is evident. In this Podcast DocSpeak will be explaining the Swedish governments low carbohydrate full fat diet recommendations., and DocSpeaks macro-nutritional group TARGET VALUE recommendations.

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