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Rebuilding the Food Pyramid...

DocSpeak #3 : OCTOBER 28, 2015


More on Carbohydrates and Replacing Them with WHAT? 

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The Swedish government’s recommendation for a low carbohydrate and full FAT diet bans most of the Food Industry’s processed products;  diametrically opposes the nutritional myths; and demolishes the USDA’s Food Pyramids of the last 60 years.               DOCSPEAK FULLY AGREES WITH THEIR RECOMMENDATIONS.

In this Podcast, we will provide our listeners with further scientific backing of the LWCF nutritional template. DocSpeak takes this a functional step further by recommending specific TARGET VALUES for each macro-nutritional group. DocSpeak’s FOOD IS FUEL/ WELLNESS formula for macro-nutritional groups is; 

50% Healthy FAT
30% non-Soy based PROTEIN
20% low glycemic index CARBOHYDRATES