“Be an Agent of Change.”

“Be an Agent of Change.”

The USA is facing an Epidemic of Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardio-vascular disease which, I believe, is killing its citizens, creating emotional turmoil in families, and financially bankrupting them, large and especially small businesses, and our nation. The processed groceries on supermarket shelves, and the fast foods we have easy access to, cause dramatic metabolic disturbances in humans, and ARE the root causes of these Epidemics. Furthermore, they sadly enable the unhealthy stress inducing accelerated life pace of the 21st century. Not only are these food sources poisoning us, but they, as well as even whole foods in the market place today when comparing the nutritional content of similar food groups of fifty years ago, are solely deficient in nutrients. They lack the basic essentials we need for good, sustainable Health and WELLNESS, and resulting enhanced Longevity.

After dedicating 40 years to treating illness as an Anesthesiologist (Clinical Physiologist, Clinical Pharmacologist),  I have redirected my healing and caring passion towards promoting WELLNESS … “ it is far more fun and rewarding!   “I am driven to making an impact on people’s lives by changing behaviors and setting an example, beginning first and foremost with the individual, and then moving to the workplace. Using leadership, buy-ins, examples, tools, and accountability, the process begins, changing “wellness-LESS” habits of employees who avoid exercise, and have poor nutrition, and excessive stress. In the work place, the well-documented outcomes of this paradigm shift ARE increased productivity and human capital value, and for both employers and employees, decreased health costs.

I possess an Intimate, practical understanding of human physiology, pharmacology, and motivation. As well, from my studies in an MBA program, I acquired an ‘economics’ understanding of energy (fuel), supply and demand, and utilization and storage in the human ‘machine’. Collectively this allows one to assess the cost of disruption of the human being as a whole.

The ability to think across multiple clinical, scientific, and business theoretics, and explain the essence of the integrated message in simple metaphors, makes me “ not only an agent of change, but also its messenger. “

Since 2010, as its founder, and CEO/CFO, HEALTHIER is WEALTHIER has promoted individual WELLNESS. We are able to diagnostically establish a baseline of health with a non-invasive FDA-approved Diagnostic BIA Screening Scanner, and then offer Bio-Nutritional Consultation and follow-up as WELLNESS parameters improve. As a WELLNESS facilitator, I champion, “A Culture of Wellness” emphasizing, “Food is Fuel,” “Weight loss is 80% nutrition / 20% Exercise,” and an optimal WELLNESS DIET similar to the current Swedish Government’s Dietary Recommendations to their citizens, a LOW CARBOHYDRATE AND WHOLE FAT DIET.

 DocSpeak strongly recommends striving to reach this optimal “Fuel Mixture.“

  • 50 % HEALTHY FAT

In the business arena, I promote increased Wellness and Human Capital Value (Effectiveness, Efficiency, Productivity, and Creativity), decrease health-care costs, and create a transformational association of consultants to provide tools, services, coaching, and training services to the HR and CFO.

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