Individual HEALTH and WELLNESS, which enhances longevity and quality of life, are precious gifts. They are assets NOT to be discarded, passively ignored, nor set aside in a corner to flounder as nothing more than “ the luck of the draw. “ Inherited DNA contributes only 15% to their outcomes. Based on new conclusions from the Human Genome Project, 85% of a person’s HEALTH and WELLNESS are under their own epigenetic control. What YOU do, what you consume, your sleep quality, stress levels, and how you behave socially and in your personal lives, ALL determine your outcome: That’s proven science, which is Empowering.

DocSpeak is all about the pursuit/improvement of HEALTH and WELLNESS rather than diagnosing and chasing after treatment of acquired disease. We are the essence of prevention. It is our mission and promise to our listeners to, with integrity and the best-proven applied science, provide WELLNESS TEMPLATES that will cover a multitude of topics. Foundational to our principles of prevention, are life style reductions of toxic exposure, thus “Organic” and “Farm to Table” concepts form some of the cornerstones of our message. “Sustainability” for the future of our children and grandchild, applies to both the individual, and the plant.

After providing our listeners with a PREVENTATIVE WELLNESS DIET applicable to a variety of Food Predilections, we will be discussing a wide variety of preventative health topics, which impact, on personal HEALTH and WELLNESS.

With Integrity and Respect;
Dr. Jonathan S. Smith, MD, MBA